Attitude Drives Action

In leadership a positive attitude has many benefits, both personally and corporately. It makes the leader more productive. It influences those around us to lift their attitude and helps them be more productive. We are no doubt familiar with situations where a negative or defeatist attitude puts a cloud over the organization and saps energy.

A positive attitude helps a person to be more creative and open, producing ideas for new and better ways to move forward. A positive attitude makes thinking about the future attractive rather than foreboding. Positive people are more confident. While the stress of a negative attitude saps energy, a positive attitude provides more energy to accomplish the tasks before them. Positive people approach tasks with expectations of accomplishment and success. Obstacles seem smaller when approached with a positive mindset; it is easier to see solutions when we expect to continue moving forward.

A positive attitude is infectious. Positive people are more likeable and develop relationships more easily. Therefore, a leader with a positive attitude is more likely to draw positive people into her team. The attitudes of leadership are generally reflected in the culture of an organization. A positive attitude in a leader leads to a positive culture, especially in a smaller organization.

A positive leader and culture is more likely to encourage a positive attitude in the people in the organization. Therefore, the positivity of the leader trickles down into more energy, creativity, and productivity from the people in the organization. So a positive person not only attracts other positive people but also leads those around them to become more positive.

A negative attitude can result from a negative self-critic; low self-esteem; high levels of stress, fear, resentment, or anger; or past experiences. Depending on the circumstances, a more positive attitude can be developed with some work. Some of the tools for building more positivity in life include the following:

  • Choose to look at the bright side and be optimistic.
  • Replace a negative self-critic with more positive self-affirmation.
  • Be grateful.
  • Develop positive relationships; seek out positive people.
  • Keep things in perspective.
  • Have fun.
  • Exercise and manage your health.

Does your organization have a positive culture? What steps are you taking to be more positive?

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