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Townsend Leadership Program

Effective leadership is based on a strong combination of task skills and people skills. Leaders need a foundation of character, a framework of emotional intelligence, appropriate expertise, and the intelligence to put these all together effectively. The best leaders are lifetime learners as they understand the need to continually grow as they progress in their responsibilities and expectations. A cohort system is recognized as a highly effective part of this growth process. Unfortunately many leaders fall short in their effectiveness because they see themselves as too busy to invest in growth.

The Townsend Leadership Program (TLP) is a program developed by Dr. John Townsend, a recognized author, psychologist, business consultant, and leadership coach to help leaders maximize their effectiveness. The fundamental premise of TLP is that leadership is based on the combination of competency and character. TLP is a cohort program where members meet for a full day once a month for teaching on leadership and effectiveness, individual SWOT analysis exercises, and intensive interactional small group sessions. Participants set individual long- and short-term goals. Between the meetings there are resources for growth and a relational-connection accountability system amongst the group members as well as individual coaching from the Program Director.

Ken Vaughan is Program Director for the Townsend Leadership Program. Personally trained by John Townsend, Ken combines more than 20 years in corporate leadership roles, 15 years of business strategy consulting, and 30 years of lay counseling and coaching to effectively lead group members in their leadership and personal growth process. See more on Ken’s qualifications.

Download the schedule for Ken’s upcoming TLP groups.

See more information on the Townsend Leadership Program, see the video where Dr. Townsend describes TLP, or see what people say about the program.

I had a very critical relationship challenge with another leader that was at a ‘make-or-break’ point.  I received tremendous insights from the group. They helped me speak the truth in such a way that made the confrontation a tremendous success.
Both professionally and personally, my life has changed more through TLP than any other life or business experience. I’ve been energized by the business strategizing and encouragement I’ve received for my career change.
The program bridges the chasm from Informational to Transformational. The interaction is personal and I can see amazing change that is taking place in myself as well as others. TLP presents a way of realizing and growing past the glass ceilings placed over our heads by our own potential limiting character.
The Townsend Leadership Program experience was a process of self-discovery which not only enhanced my leadership capabilities and at the same time offered me a unique opportunity for personal growth.
You may know of the benefit and value I have personally received from my 3 ½ years of TLP involvement. The coaching, modeling and relationships have been life changing and life giving.
Spending a year with nine other people who are fully committed to personal and professional growth was one of the best decisions of my life.  We helped each other with professional and personal challenges.  It was like having a board of directors for our lives. These experiences have made a profound difference in my life.