Ken Vaughan speaks across the country on topics in the areas of leadership and business strategy. Some  representative presentations by Ken:

The “Structure” of Leadership 20-60 minutes
What is leadership? Using the analogy of a building structure, this presentation defines leadership and describes the traits and skills of a good leader.

Leadership 101: Becoming a Person of Influence 2-6 hours
The best and simplest definition of leadership is influence. The opportunity to influence has broader application than just for supervisors or managers. This workshop defines leadership and the traits and skills of good leaders. Through a series of exercises, the workshop participants develop a plan for growth of their ability to lead or influence.

Another Kind of Intelligence 20-60 minutes
The term emotional intelligence is becoming more widely known but what is it? This presentation describes emotional intelligence and how the skills of EQ produce better relationships and stronger leadership.

Engaging Leadership 20-60 minutes
Many of today’s employers complain of the lack of work ethic and loyalty in young workers. This presentation encourages employers to develop a climate of employee engagement that is proven to increase productivity and reduce turnover and responds to the life goals of young workers.

Relational Needs of High-functioning Leaders 20-60 minutes
High-functioning leaders tend to take on responsibility and meet the needs of those around them. But constantly being in the position of authority and giving to others can sometimes leave leaders feeling emptied. This presentation describes some of the needs that leaders are prone to ignore.

Business Strategy: Where’s the Value? 20-60 minutes
Business strategy is all about developing competitive advantage and providing value to customers. Good strategy leads to good profitability. This presentation describes the framework for strategy in terms of customer needs, supplier value, and market dynamics.

Strategy 101: From Strategic Planning to Strategic Management 2-4 hours
Mention the words strategic planning and many people will cringe and describe it as a waste of time. If that is your view then you either do not have a strategy or you have not made it actionable. This workshop demonstrates how organizations can change their management processes so that the organization and its actions are aligned with the mission, goals, and strategy.

Management Dashboards: Looking Forward to Success 20-60 minutes
Many companies rely on financial measures for managing their business. Relying solely on financial measures is like driving your car by watching only the rearview mirror. This presentation describes a management methodology using measures of future opportunity, progress towards goals and objectives, and measures of performance to guide the company towards a successful future.